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Day of the Undead 2009

This years Films... Bigger, better, bloodier than its two previous outings, Leicester's unique Festival of Zombie Culture comes on strong with a final line-up of gore-blimey shockers. Additionally there's Zombie gaming in our Screening Room, book signings, best-dressed zombie competitions, and the fabulous Phoenix Square café/bar open late…very late...

The Main Feature Films...

Dawn of the Dead Dir: George Romero

USA 1978, 2hrs 6mins, 18 12noon

Considered by many to be the finest of Romero's “Dead” movies, this classic fusion of zombie obsession and consumer culture tracks a SWAT team and some media people holed-up in a vast shopping mall who just can't kill ‘em all before losing their sanity. When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.

Pontypool Dir: Bruce McDonald

USA 2008, 1hr 35mins, 15 2.30pm

As the winter light fades over Leicester whatever you do don't turn on the radio! This brilliantly creepy Canadian flick is based on the idea that a zombie virus gets spread around the wintery town of Pontypool by none other than the English Language. As the staffers at the local radio-station gradually realise their part in the breakdown of society, all hands reach for the microphones in an effort to shut off the literally heart-stopping noise.

Dead Snow Dir: Tommy Wirkola

Norway 2009, 1hr 32mins, subtitled, 18 4.30pm

When a group of keen medical students (geeky guys, buxom girls) set-out on a ski trip in the remote wastelands of Norway the last thing they expect to find are Nazi zombies. But then again neither Nazis nor zombies are respecters of persons and the blood (plus the jokes) begin to flow. A mad zom-com to savour. “Ein! Zwei! Die!” “Blood, guts, and black comedy” Total Film

Two Awesome Zombie Shorts:

Zombie Western: It Came From The West Dir: Tor Fruergaard, Denmark, 2007, 17mins, 15

+ Le Quellone Canada, 2008, 12mins, 15 6.15pm

Take a sanguine breather with two exquisite genre shorts that take puppetry to new heights (or should that be lows?) while the death of a clown blows away all pretence of being funny.

Zombie Undead Dir: Rhys Davies

UK 2009, 1hr 28mins, 18 7pm

A sneak preview of Leicester's own zombie masterpiece, this impressive local feature has been several years in the making and will be screened ahead of its world premier at Phoenix Square in January. The director and writer will introduce the picture followed by a Q & A.

La Horde Dirs: Yannick Dahan & Benjamin Rocher

France 2009, 1hr 30mins, subtitled, 18 9.30pm

When a bunch of trigger-happy cops enter a tower-block-from-Hell in the infamous Parisian “projects” on a mission to blow away some bad gangstas, the last thing they're expecting is a hi-rise full of zombies with attitude. A blindingly fast French action-movie fused with a gross-out undead horror film. Mange ta tête, scumbag!

Zombieland Dir: Ruben Fleischer

USA 2009, 1hr 28mins, 15 11.30pm

Columbus and Tallahassee are major league survivors in a world over-run by the undead. But nothing is perfect and there's only so much serious blood-letting a couple of good men can stand. Very smart, very funny, and the perfect off-its-head climax to our six feature smorgasbord of re-animated flesh.


Tickets: Gore ‘n' More See Every Sick Film Pass: £20

No Brainer Individual Tickets: £5.80 & £4.80 (conc)


TO BOOK TICKETS...***Phone the Phoenix Square Box Office on 0116 242 2800 Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm to reserve your tickets. (Tickets cannot be booked online yet). You will be able to book over the phone from 10am to 9pm from November 16th.


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