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May 2007 was another significant day in Terror4funs struggle to bring Zombies to the masses, Leicesters biggest alternative nightclub were hosting Zombina and The Skeletones, playing a set and generally adding to the bvloody bodies on the dance floor... There was also zombie belly dancers and cheerleaders, Zombie Ed from Terror4fun compering the night and Darkwaters Entertainment helping with the zombying of the guests...

The night got seriously busy, filled with people arriving as zombies and if they were not already then Gav and some of the lads from Darkwaters Entertainment turning innocent punters into the living dead...


Above are Zombina and the Skeletones rocking Retribution.


As usual, by the end of the night the club was filled with zombies, suits, living dead policewomen, goths, cheerleaders, all sucumbed to the zombie virus... Some people arrived slighgtly unconveinced and then left covered from head to toe in blood.


Costume dress prizes were awarded for the most convincing of the undead, the winners were Stumpy, pictured at the top of the page in the white blouse and Billy, pictured just above holding up his undead cop friend. Once again Gav the make up artist, brought along his huge syringe full of latex and this impressed the ladies no end... See him action below !


Thanks once again to Gav and Kris from Darkwaters Entertainment for helping make the zombies rot !!!

Darkwaters Entertainment