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This is the run through of the Zombie Fest 06 plot. It was held in June 06 and any of you that came to either event will notice the similarities between the events, but from here you will be able to see the costumes, the corpses and some of the strange characters that arose from the ashes of Willard Valley.

Characters attending the event: 30

People who survived the zombies intact: 2


These people simply came to the valley to party... Then something bad happened, like stumbling upon failed Disco owner Zed and his Research Station... sorry I mean Night Club!


Once it all kicked off, the zombies devoured most, the few that were still alive found their way into the bunker and the guitar laying, or should that be playing hippy and the PE teacher emerged alive... Some of the pictures were recovered from cameras found on the scene, apparently just before the photographer was going to be devoured !!!