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Over Halloween Weekend 2006, Terror4fun went to the Phoenix Arts Centre in Leicester as part of the Leicester Short Film Festival, to put on a Zombie make up demonstration and to promote local zombie film ‘Zombie Undead'.

Zombie Make Up Demo in full swing...


Over 50 people attended the workshop and were given make up advice, spoke to the film crew and some lucky victims were made up as the living dead by the three make up artists who were showing off their art. Various techniques were displayed including wax moulding, latex appliances and advanced make up shading, perhaps the most popular being Gavin, from Darkwaters Entertainment, huge syringe of latex, which at the start no one was convinced was going to do anything apart from make the centres staff unhappy, by the end of the evening none of the victims were untouched by this contraption… Gavin…. Genius…

Zombies chilling out in the Phoenix Bar

This resulted in a number of things, which included:

More than 10 zombie wandering round the Phoenix Arts Centre

More than 40 people volunteering to help the production of Zombie Undead.

Increased takings at the bar.

To see a video of the event, which towards the end has a large section on the make up demonstration visit…… and watch the DOCUMENTARY!

To find out more about Darkwaters Entertainment visit: