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This weekend was based around the body of monk who had turned away from the Church and raised an army of the living dead to destroy defilers that had invaded his home-land. The only problem was that a handful of deluded scientists and an eccentric archaeologist discovered his resting place and wanted to see if the legends were true. A group of college graduates were also in the vicinity, meeting up with their old professor, but this was not the kind of party they were expecting. As in all good zombie movies, those meddling with the dark forces did pay the ultimate price in the end, along with almost everyone else that faced the zombie horde.

Characters attending the event: 30

People who survived the zombies intact: 1


Here are some of the perfectly well adjusted people who attended the event and the kind of things they wore...


Once the infection started to spread, there was nothing left but to fight and die, with everyone apart from the wisest of the wise, who hid under a bush!