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If you have seen any of the films listed below or you know of any that we are missing, then please have a look at our submissions page and send us a review. These reviews differ from most as they are based around the quality and behaviour of the zombies and not necessarily the film !

Here is a selection of zombie film titles and associated reviews, there are hundreds in existence and to find a single person who had watched and written down their thoughts about all of them would take a life-time.

If you are thinking about buying or renting a zombie film, then read on and hopefully this set of zombie film reviews will help you through the mine-field that is zombies on celluloid.

If you have watched or even been involved with the production of a zombie movie then please send us a submission containing your thoughts and opinions about the films.

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Please note that all submissions are accepted in good faith and are also accepted as the original work of the person/people submitting the zombie film review.