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Zombie Film Review:

American Zombie

Director: Grace Lee

Year: 2008

Tagline: We're Here, We're Dead, Get used to it...

Review: WARNING… This is not your usual zombie film… The premise is that some documentary film makers are filming a project about Los Angeles growing zombie population. The zombies are either higher functioning corpses who blend in with society or the normal shamblers who can be employed as sweat shops workers, as they don't sleep or need rest… This is not an action film and had budget restraints but this film is one of the best genre pieces created…

PLEASE note despite the low scores on some categories below, this is one of the best genre films I have ever seen !!!

Zombie Quality: *

A little latex, some spots and some hint of white make these higher zombies blend in like humans, some of the lower ones do resemble the more traditional living dead.

Zombie Behaviour: *

Walking, talking, working, DJ-ing and becoming frustrated when there art is being ignored is, I admit, a bit out of there normal remit of eating flesh and groaning, but for this film it is the relevant factor…

Zombie Threat: **??

Not much, they work and get interviewed, but doe paranoia towards the end of the film, get the the better of the viewer or the film crew???

Gore Content: Nil

Not much at all, but bloody big on atmosphere as the film develops…

Overall Quality: ****

This is so outside the genre and yet so awesome in its inspired new take on ‘Zombies in Society' and what they do ‘Outside of our Society.' If you only love the Resident Evil films for the gun play then this may not be your cup of tea BUT if you want to see a completely new and unique take on the genre buy this film.