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Zombie Film Review:

Battle of the Bone

Director: George Clarke

Year: 2008

Tagline: United we survive... Divided we get eaten...

Review: This feature film by George Clarke is billed as 'The Greatest Irish Martial Arts Zombie Movie ever made' and if the box is to be believed then this contains Zombies, Kung Fu, Action, Gore and Swearing, so all is looking god as the DVD springs into life and the titles roll... This is a significant and beautiful film and not a simple collection of genre cliches... Political, original and very atmospheric...

Zombie Quality: **

Tonnes of claret, a bit of latex and these zommers are easily recognised due to the amount of blood they and their clothes are coated in. Not Savini standard but no doubting who is alive and who is dead, so this film has its bases covered.

Zombie Behaviour: ***

These bad boys are fast and hungry, a large part of the cast appears to be martial artists or urban runners and as such, as soon as the dead drop they are up and infecting again in bloody quick time, more '28 Days' than 'Dawn of the Dead'

Zombie Threat: **

One zombie infects an entire hospital includign armed forces without breaking a sweat and then its curtains for everyone, so the threat level appears to be high and then 3 young martial artists chop their way through the entire incursion later on, so the threat strats high and then eneds due to these zombies weakness for a combination of kicks and elbow strikes...

Gore Content: ***

The team here was definfitely not shy about showering everyone and everything in blood and arterial sprays...There is also a number of latexy tears and bites, nothing that will gives us too many sleepless nights but the sheer volume of blood being sprayed around manages to paper over a couple of FX cracks...

Overall Quality: ***

Action packed, no doubt and blood a-plenty to this brilliant film... If there is crticism then its there is just as much fighting each other as fighting the living dead, but the fights are choreogrpahed in such a way as they never get dull for an instant... The sheer pace of this fim is exhausting and the lasting impression from experiencing this movie is simply that everyone will kill everyone else, living or dead, when the people of Ulster gets infected... Watch this and buy it if you fancy a bloody good low budget film that follows the genre but has some really unique and original angles to it....


PLEASE NOTE: This film is available to buy from: Yellow Fever Productions