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Zombie Film Review:

Children of the Living Dead

Review by Scarlett Harley, Southampton, England.

Director: Tor Ramsey

Year: 2001

Tagline: Thirty Years Later and they're Walking Again

Review : Well the basic plot for "Children of the Living Dead" is that Matthew Michaels moves to a town in Pennsylvania to turn an area with a barn into a car dealership. He is however unaware, that years before loads of zombies went walkabout round the town and one of them, "the infamous Abbot Hayes" was never destroyed. So when his building team start work they unleash the "wrath" of Abbot Hayes along with some of the worst acting ever seen. And I mean the WORST . Rusty conversations with stupidly long pauses, silly gestures & completely emotionless panic & "screaming", I have to honestly say that my local drama group could do better! Some acting is too overly done, for example, when one character  notices some zombies in the distance he will have to shoot, he throws himself over the bonnet of a car, with no visible benefit, & on another occassion he runs up the wall & flips over, just to turn around & face a zombie! I wish I could say that the zombie action saves the film, but it really doesn't. They kind of just waddle along a bit & growl occassionally. Only watch this film if you want a serious laugh!

Zombie Quality: *

Um....... the word "quality" should be used very loosely here. It pretty much looks like the actors had a drunken afternoon throwing open rusty paint tins at each other. Not at all frightening.

Zombie Behaviour: *

Absolutely diabolical. Lead zombie Abbot Hayes' silly theatrical walking involves far too much of a thought process, which most everyday zombies are considered not to have much of. Sure, they're useless, but that's about it.

Zombie Threat: *

Threat? Haha, don't be silly. They waddle so slowly & ineffectually that you could probably kill them if you stared for long enough. No way are these guys taking over the world. Although, Abbot Hayes may take over the stage with his silly walking.

Gore Content: *

As said previously, they clearly threw paint at each other. Small bites also flood with "blood" far too quickly.

Overall Rating: *

THIS FILM IS C###! Silly acting and token gesture zombies. Great for the comedy night in though! It's quite embarrassing to think that this is what the film industry was capable of only a few years ago in 2001! No way should Tor Ramsey still have a Director's job! I cannot believe this was given the green light in the production office!