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Zombie Film Review:

George A. Romeros

Diary of the Dead

Director: George A. Romero

Year: 2008

Tagline: Shoot the Dead

Review: This is a good solid zombie film, not sure if this was influenced by the fact my excitement was tangible being a Romero project or cause I was actually scared by the oppressive nature of the film and the settings... This is not a feel good film with a happy ending, and if you expect one, you have probably not watched enough Romero films... The lack of information and the frantic way the film is shot is awesome with bizarrely th Winnebago becoming the farmhouse from NOTLD... GORE-SOME... Watch this film!

Zombie Quality: ****

Awesome make up jobs and in my excitement I have forgotten to check who made the zommers... (I know Greg Nicotero cameos in the film...) They are excellent, solid, flesh munchers that actually look like the living dead, with plenty of fresh injuries and claret for good measure... Some of the make up creates truly amazing tangibly animated corpses...

Zombie Behaviour: *****

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L... No plot devices, no guns or tools being used, just shambling legions of the living dead... They bite and infect and there's none of that LOTD bullshit with emotions and joining amnesty international... Romeros zombies going back to what they do best!!!

Zombie Threat: *****

Civilisation is no more... A few people with cameras hiding in a room is not going to rescue the woirld from the brink of destruction... If you forgive the quote... It's the end of the world as we know it...

Gore Content: ****

Contains just what you would expect from Romero with plenty of biting, shooting and brain based targetry... But there are some really original and very well performed takes on the 'Shoot them in the Brain' stakes with edical equipment, poles, gardening tools and dynamite all being brought to the fore in good gory manner...

Overall Quality: *****

The filming aspect of this film makes the films stand out, it is not just a Cloverfield or Blair Witch rip off, the manner of the filming is not a plot device... The film style asks the questions why we film, what we film and perhaps most significantly when we film ? This film is not NOTLD but it brings the apocalypse right bang into today straight from Romero, independent and undead as he should be....