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Zombie Film Review:

Erotic Nights of the Living Dead

Year: 1980

Director: Joe D'Amato (Aristide Massaccesi)

A.k.a.: Sexy Nights of the Living Dead

Tagline: -

Review: The two main actors both look like 70s ‘Adult' films stars and from the off this film shows its true colours…. To sum up the film in a few words… Psychiatric Hospital, nooky, fishing, slap and tickle, island being bought, penetration, leaving the yacht bonking, casino, hardcore penetration, boat spike, three in a bed, mysterious island, more sex, a few low quality zombies. THE END. This film on the front said ‘full uncut version' and it was, normally that would make you think a couple of small gory bits had been restored but this is not a zombie film this is a porn film with a zombie title, if you removed the filth, this film would be 8 minutes long.

Zombie Quality: *

The few zombies that do appear although it's not quite as bad as the number in Hammers Plague of the Zombies are a bit muddy, there is a watery one that could be called lumpy and a couple perhaps that could be called gooey, but none that could be described as good. Most have a few bits of cheese cloth wrapped around them, but that is about as far as costuming goes… Oh and one of the aforementioned ‘Adult' actors becomes one of the Living Dead by being painted white…. Not challenging but I suppose it gets the message across.

Zombie Behaviour: *

Very slow zombies and I mean slow, in fact it's a miracle the first zombie actually managed to get anyone, but I suppose with everyone being so horny all the time, it just had to wait for bed time and everyone in this part of the world would be fair game. The do seem to move a lot slower when the atmosphere of the movie demands it, which I suppose is a handy trait of you are directing a zombie film.

Zombie Threat: *

Avoid mysterious Cat Island and its invisible and yet beautiful temptress, don't turn in the opposite direction from the darkness when a friend tells you that the Zombies have awoken, but perhaps best… When the strange, wise islander gives you a figurine to protect you from ‘Evil', just point it at zombies and eventually you will be fine… If a little mad! The other way to kill a zombie, of course, is to stab it through the chest with an oar, lots of fluid will emerge which looks like hot chocolate and then it will die! No, I didn't quite get this either.

Gore Content: **

This film has a few necks being bitten and quite a lot of flowing claret from the numerous neck wounds and then strangely the zombies appear to have chocolate milk for blood… This would have got the film one star for gore to be honest, but towards the end, the Magnum PI clone, gets dismembered. Just one part of is body and it looks like the start of another erotic scene and although it is and it is not done that well, it is still pretty horrible!

Overall Quality: * as a zombie film

Like I have already said, this is not a zombie film, this is hardcore porn with a zombie subplot thrown in for good measure, well, for some reason! Not good, or scary or realistic and as soon as the boat arrives on Cat Island with a crew of the three main characters, you know the body count is not going to be good, 3 in the whole film ??? If this is your bag, then you'd be better visiting your nearest adult superstore, rather than getting hold of this difficult to find ‘Classic.'