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Zombie Film Review:


Director: John Carlos

Year: 1989

Tagline: He needs your blood... survive.

Aka: Night Shadows

Review: WINGS HAUSER in a zombie flick... Yes the return of the poor mans Gary Busey... In a zombie picture... Toxic chemicals being dumped by an evil genius cause the population of this small town to become the Living Dead. The first half of the film is a bit of a slasher/mystery/80s horror film combo and then it becomes a surreal blend of people sucking the bllod from each other with corrosive leech-mouthed hands and a classic zombie film.

Zombie Quality: ***

The make up jobs are not excellent, but solid, pale skins, sunken eyes, lust for blood, etc... You take one look at the baddies and think 'Zombie'... There is nothing else they could be.

Zombie Behaviour: **

Steaming blood-sucking hands and strangely bulging heads, along with inconsistent attack speeds varying from Shaun of the Dead shuffles to Dawn of the Dead remake quick uns...

Zombie Threat: **

Obviously low as a pile of over-weight, under intelligent deputies eventually deal with most of the madness using nothing more then a few boom sticks...

Gore Content: **

The odd spray of claret and a few corpses is not enough for you to have to sell your horror DVDs and buy a kitten!

Overall Quality: ***

It is not the greatest zombie film ever made, but it features solid acting from Wings and Bo Hopkins and apart from a finale that falls a little flat this is one worth buying. Especially as I managed to pick this up on a Double Disc DVD with ropey Slasher 'Beserker' for only 99 pence !!!

Special Award:

Largest Number of Dangerous Zombies Battered with a Plank: Wings Hauser, gotta be at least 15...