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Zombie Film Review:

Raiders of the Damned

Year: 2006

Director: Milko Davis

Tagline: They thought the War was over, They were Wrong.

Review: Starts off, obviously with a low budget kind of a build up, but interesting use of helicopter effects… But then it all starts heading a bit off balance. The military zombies, talking and using their siege weaponry all get a bit bogged down in a revenge plot that doesn't really make you care if the ‘Heroes' live or die… Strange Sci-Fi headgear, chatty zombies and lousy gun effects are not ingredients for a good zombie movie recipe.

Zombie Quality: **

Some of the zombies are good and latexy but there are a large number that simply appear to be coated in dark red grease paint and in this film the bad definitely outweigh the bad!

Zombie Behaviour: Nil

Talking, power mad zombies that engage in knife fights and sword duels, with a large collection of bows and arrows and medieval siege weapons, they do infect and eat flesh but they suck so badly they get NO STARS for their behaviour, they even manage to shoot down a helicopter… How could good traditional flesh-munchers do this!

Zombie Threat: **

The ending knocks this threat rating up by two, for the majority of the film the undead are contained within a massive walled off area and therefore pose no threat what so ever. But is the virus airborne ??? Who cares !!!

Gore Content: **

Eyeballs being eaten with a spoon, but apart from a few poor quality arm hacks and bites, nothing really stands out in this film to make you fell like barfing or hiding behind your favourite cushion.

Overall Quality: **

It's always nice to see a zombie film being made, with a slightly different direction, like Severed: Forest of the Dead, but this one ends up with a poor mans version of Marlon Brando from Apocalypse now as the main villain, rejects from Battle Beyond the Stars as the heroes and frankly why would zombies want to impregnate our women? Not so much a dark future, more a cack future.