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Zombie Film Review:

Rise of the Undead

Director: Jason Horton and Shannon Hubbell

Year: 2005

Tagline: Flee or face the creature inside…

Review: The good old mutated virus, zombie post-holocaust plot. Low budget, badly acted film that does well considering it's limitations, but does nothing for the zombie genre and to be honest it does nothing to inspire. The first half an hour lacks any zombie action at all!! The bad lighting hides a multitude of sins, but I'm not sure if this was deliberate!! But what's with the 2 plots? Bizarrely amazing use of piano music.

Zombie Quality:*

Bit of splatter, lots of skater punks, some of them in crisp white t-shirts… bit of grease paint and blood, that's about the best of them!

Zombie Behaviour: **

They bite, stumble and infect like they should, but the bites are lame, the shambling and stumbling needs some serious choreography.

Zombie Threat: ****

Half a dozen nuclear war survivors, all useless with an axe and a blade, locked in a bunker with tonnes of zombies… not the best survival scenario… or …should it be ‘the bizarre camera wielding monster threat?'

Gore Content: *

Suggested gore aplenty, lots of off camera axe action and pitch black power cuts where there's plenty of unseen violence

Overall Quality: *

Student film making… the only reason to buy this would be for avid zombie film collectors or for amateur film makers to find out what not to do! Still if zombies are your addiction, and you've had a couple of beers then this may encourage you to try and make something better.