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Zombie Film Review:

The Dead Hate the Living

Director: Dave Parker

Year: 2000


Review: Good twist at the start and a good look at low budget film making within this relatively decent budget film (for the genre). Obviously made by zombie film lovers for zombie lovers, the trivia will leave any zombie-phile scratching their heads!! The plot then gets a little non-standard by traditional standards

Zombie Quality: **

Excellent makeup, but initially they are not zombies but monsters, later on for no apparent reason zombies burst through a film set??? But they are in no way special, significant or exceptional in any way…

Zombie Behaviour: **

The ‘main' evil smiling and genius zombie made me think that this is not bog standard material, talking monsters, deathbed speeches, axe wielding so not your standard shamble and bite really…

Zombie Threat: **

That many zombies, but stuck in a timeless limbo with Rob Zombie's insane stunt double, mean this really is not going to become a Day of the Dead style apocalypse, as the evil geniuses would soon run out of dry ice and atmospheric frock coats.

Gore Content: ***

Gory with head ripping, disembowelling fun, chainsaws and not the usual poor effects, some decent claret flying about in this one, done with obvious love and attention to detail.

Overall Quality: ***

A zombie film within a zombie movie. This is not the usual zombie plot, the low budget cover hides a decently shot, decently filmed, well lit but slightly cheesy horror film. This is a great homage to horror films and horror make up. But why is Rob Zombie's stunt double overacting in it? Not bad at all…