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Zombie Film Review:

The Zombie Diaries

Director: Kevin Gates and Michael Bartlett

Year: 2006

Review: Unknown actors (except for Dr Legg, UK soap legend) and a set of 3 documentary style films… Seemed like a dodgy idea, but this film is ace… This is a look at a zombie outbreak and its repercussions through camera people like us… (Since writing the original review I have decided that this film is like Marmite… Some people love it and others detest it… But no-one seems to sit on the fence about it.)

Zombie Quality:****

Good and sinister, from the early fresh zommers and rotting cadaverous undead, which look ace close up, but the frightened camera work hides a multitude of sins… So the overall impression of the zombies is a 4 star success.

Zombie Behaviour: ****

Slow, dead, relentless, no dance routines, a hell of a lot more of them than us, they eat flesh, infect… Beautiful and traditional zombies… Just zombies how we love them…

Zombie Threat: ****

It's about as optimistic as ‘Day of the Dead' for mankind… Can a few soldiers really save us….

Gore Content: ***

Exploding heads, entrails being devoured and some zombie torture, but… The documentary style means that a lot of the gore is overlooked or blurred by the reaction of the camera holder, which hides any dodgy effects but also prevents the viewer from actually taking them in….

Overall Quality: ****

One of the scariest zombie films I have seen, I am not sure if this is because of the English setting giving it strains of ‘28 Days Later' or if it's the camerawork, but certain parts did seriously make my heart race more than most other zombie genre films I have taken in recently… It's not gung-ho characters, its' not diluted with comedy or romance…. This is sheer zombie horror…