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Zombie Film Review:

Zombies, Zombies, Zombies

Director: Jason Murphy

Year: 2008

Tagline: Strippers Vs Zombies

Review: The film within a film beginning is not too bad and does contain a number of Zommers and then suddenly science, strippers, strippers and more strippers. Strippers talking to Johns, talking to prostitutes, talking to pimps and suddenly crack whore Zombies and then the obligatory zombie whore eating someones penis…

Zombie Quality: **

Latex and claret a plenty and a few sets of contact lenses do not make a classic Zombie but they do look like the living dead and are good given the obvious constraints.

Zombie Behaviour: ***

They shamble, eat flesh and reanimate those they devour. No talking, no tool using, just good solid traditional Zombies.

Zombie Threat: *

Unless you're a frustrated lap dance club customer, frequenting this club whose car park is filled with blood soaked zombies and you are too stupid to turn around and run when the start to attack you. then you should be fine… just don't assume that tatty, blood soaked, groaning, people are simply ‘clubbers' enjoying themselves…

Gore Content: ***

Claret flies and an arm gets chewed off, then brain matter flies and as the punters die one by one the gore is cranked up. There are some nice kills including gratuitous use of a strimmer to the face… and the final method of dealing with the zombies uses gallons of blood so is a winner in our eyes…

Overall Quality: ***

Not a classic, but with enough tits, lingerie and zombie gore to keep genre fans more than happy. The insanity towards the end does help make this film more lively than some have suggested…