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Zombie Film Review:

Zombies of War

Director: John Whitney and Peter John Ross

Year: 2010

Tagline: In War, Death is not the only thing to fear...

Review: The cover of the movie makes it look big budget, the zombie effects on the cover make it look like it could be a contender for taking the ‘Zombie Nazi' Crown… But then the film starts… CGI planes, CGI gunfire, and even CGI make up effects on a zombie… This is not looking good… I am not certain if the actors are simply re-enactors or bad actors… but there's a lot of decent uniforms, guns, machine guns, and even vehicles, etc in evidence, a hell of lot more than the low budget would suggest possible. Just a shame about the cardboard and polystyrene grave stones…


Zombie Quality **

30 minutes in and we have had a CGI made up zombie and a hint of latex on another… NOW… we have a proper look at the latexed zombie with his huge point ears and demonic face… He's a zombie… or is he a werewolf… What's going on??? A bit later on things begin to look better with the 1 st few zombies that actually look like zombies appear… Hooray…


Zombie Behaviour **

The first zombie we encounter is wearing a nazi uniform and shooting his MP40 with enthusiasm, while in the flashback or is it present day (1945) the zommer is on all fours running, growling and biting, but not infecting, so I am here trying to get my head around the nuances of these warring zombies… Semi-intelligent


Zombie Threat *

The undead are not a big threat compared to the American ‘Misfit' squad and what they will do to your sisters… But a few appear and get shot in the head and die, but with the undead facing units of soldier, there's a convenient amount of firepower that can be aimed at them…


Gore Content *

A tiny amount of claret, a kneecapping and the odd spray onto a tree does not put me off my lunch… to be honest eating took my mind off the lack of claret…


Overall Quality **

On the good side, it is quite a good attempt at a ‘period' zombie movie with good costuming, atmosphere and sets… On the other hand there is a distinct lack of cohesive plot, a lack of zombies and perhaps most seriously of all a distinct lack of the horde of Nazi-Zombies promised on the cover!!! Although I know this idealistic crap, but perhaps it would better to have a lower budget cover that at least partially reflects the movie rather than something that is promised and never delivered???