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Zombie Film Review:


Year: 2000

Director: Michael J. Hein

Tagline: Since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead.

Review: This film is what a ‘labour of love' should be all about, from the start this is obviously low budget, but aims high and in the right direction. The news reporter George Romero, Apu the store manager, the mad priest breaking the law to do Gods work and the angst ridden teens loaded with beers and joints all fighting against the sinister Gen-Tech!!! This film is full to the brim with lab coats and strange coloured lighting, sometimes it does come across that Gen-techs second line of research was disco lighting, but if you can switch your brain off a little, then you can get into a film like this!

Zombie Quality:**

Not many zommers, but a lot of claret… Just not necessarily in the right places… Some decent make up jobs, but once again a five minute ‘How to Walk like the Living Dead' lesson would have been a good investment, they look good but act like they are not being motivated enough.

Zombie Behaviour: **

They eat flesh and shamble about but a lot of the cast are obviously a bit too excited about being zombies and they let the film down, they let the viewer down but worst of all they let themselves down! They just shamble about in a not very convincing manner with some staggering, some spasming, some lolloping and some just walking. A small amount of coherency would have been worth its weight in gold!

Zombie Threat: **

Unless you find yourself all alone in Gentechs evil research labs and at the mercy of Dr Steins overacting then you should be fine… Unless you are called Apu. These zombies would not have eaten for weeks if they hadn't been locked inside along with their innocent victims, who all act like they have common sense between them.

Gore Content: **

Lots of claret, but if you look behind the jetting blood then there is not much more than a couple of bites, a couple of gun shots. So nothing that makes you reach for the sick bag and want to bring your last few meals up all over your snoozing grandmothers lap.

Overall Quality: ***

In my opinion this is better than The Dead Next Door and its heart is very much in the right place, but there are far too many lab coats in this film... One of the crew obviously had access to Lab coats R' Us and by the time the film has been going on for an hour you begin to wish the crew had access to a slightly bigger set, budget and wardrobe department.