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Zombie Film Review:

Dead & Buried

Director: Gary A. Sherman

Year: 1981

Tagline: It will take your breath away. All of it.

Review: This film does not really count a s a true flesh muncher, but MUST appear in the reviews of zombie films as the zombie is the basis of the entire plot, although not ina Romero sense. It is set in small town USA, like most of the others, where usiders get dead very quickly at the hands of most of the locals. The earlier part of the film is more reminiscent of 'The Wicker Man' than NOTLD, with seemingly most of the town coming out to torture and murder these trespassers in a variety of horrible ways and take photogrpahs of the people dying. The dead folks then join the population fo the town and that is where the mystery begins... I will not spoil the plot, as it does have an intriguing plot, but if you only live on a staple diet of flesh being devoured, then steer well clear.

Zombie Quality: None

No, it's not they are low quality, there are plenty of zombies, but they blend in extremely well with the local community and its perfectly healthy inhabitants.

Zombie Behaviour: None

Once again, these are not your usual horror film fare and therefore eating at the local diner and pumping gas with good manners and ettiquette, does not really quantify a score on 'I devour brainsss...' scale.

Zombie Threat: *

Unless you happen to be driving through this small coastal town and stop off for gas or food or to take some candid naked photos of the locals, you are in no danger of being zombiefied...

Gore Content: **

Quite a disturbing burning and the odd slashing and hacking, but strangely for any film featuring zombies, the director decides to build up an oppressive feel and a mysterious atmosphere, rather than have too much full on gore. Shame really...

Overall Quality: ***

Good film featuring Zombies, but not really a normal Zombie featuring film...

Special Award: The least convincing hit and run accident of a zombie in a James Farentino feature goes to the zombie who is run over and then grabs his arm and runs off with it... This is no SOTD moment...