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Zombie Film Review:

Dead Meat

Director: Conor McMahon

Year: 2005

Tagline: It's Not What You Eat... It's Who You Eat!

Review: This film is something special, good solid performances from the cast, good production and direction and all produced on a grant from the Irish Film Board. Mad Cow Disease kicks off Cow based attacks and infection and then the zombies start to roam all over Ireland. This certainly one worth adding to your collection, entertaining and the story is good and keeps you in touch with the highs and lows of the main characters. With some excellent zombie humour thrown in for good measure. The end scene and the way the film goes full circle is very cleverly done...

Zombie Quality: **

some of the undead are excellent, some look like they have been through a latex throwing machine and a few don't looked zombie-fied at all, but there is a hell of a lot thrown in in some of the bigger scenes.

Zombie Behaviour: ***

Flesh Eating, no speaking and just a little bit of weapon usage, but overall, believable members of the living dead collective.

Zombie Threat: ***

Starts with a small area 'invasion' and ends with possible huge parts of the Emerald Isle under threat from the flesh munchers... Possibly the world...

Gore Content: ****

Considering the two main weapons of choice are a shovel and a hurling stick (club), the decapitations, maimings and general level of butchery are quite high, but the scene with the vacuum cleaner also knocks this film up on the gore score chart...

Overall Quality: ****

Humour, horror, good characterisation, plus the European rainy setting makes this a definite addition to any collection.

Special Award:

National Sporting Equipment Used to Kill Zombie Bovine: Hurling Ball and Stick.