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Zombie Film Review:

Dead Moon Rising

Director: Mark E. Poole

Year: 2008

Tagline: Girls, Ghouls & Guns... What else do you need for a good time?

Review: This indie flick simply works. The acting is not awesome, the effects are not ILM standard, but it does put a lot of bigger budget zombie flicks to shame. The overall film is simply awesome… with loser Jim becoming almost ‘Ash' like in stature… when finding his convenient chain gun…

Zombie Quality: **

Not awesome Zommers, but the yellow make up and slightly grainy footage along with some quick editing makes them scarier than they should be, although spraying extras with red food colouring was never going to make anyone wet the bed and have to endure years of counselling…

Zombie Behaviour: ***

Large packs roaming, eating flesh and generally acting like Zombies… Slightly quicker than is traditional but still quite a nice feeling from the zombie invaded town….

Zombie Threat: ***

They are dominating the globe but they can be wedgied into submission, a good cranial beating does the trick though and seems more efficient than the guns being deployed at various points

Gore Content **

Love the brick scene, you'll find out what I mean, the gun shots are a bit poor, but the clarets not skimped on at all when the close combat weapons come into play… and then guts and limbs a plenty are used during the last scene which is one thing that this film will be know for… YES, over 1,000 extras…

Overall Quality: ***

This is greater than the sum of its parts. A bloody good film… not one for the Oscars, but thoroughly recommended. If you fancy an excellent, humorous zombie bloodbath… and you don't mind slight dodginess in production, then Buy this!! This film is destined to become the benchmark for future low budget zombie productions…