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Zombie Film Review:

Dellamorte Dellamore

Director: Michele Soavari

Year: 1996

Aka: Cemetery Man

Review: Rupert Everett starts in this Italian made zombie film, that is probably best summed up by the word surreal... He and his strange grave-digging companion get almost bored dealing with the everyday return of the Living Dead, and along with the various incarnations of the Anna Falchi. This is worth watching, but not the usual Italian zombie flick, the undead, the start, the middle and the end are all alittle unexpected from the country that gave us 'The Beyond.'

Zombie Quality: ***

Good effects and the undead kids are scary enough, but a few the undead are a litle bit too attractive and seductive to gain higher than a three star rating.

Zombie Behaviour: **

Chatty zombies, talking zombies, confused zombies, vengeful motorbike riding zombies and seductive lying zombies do seem to be straying from the path of true flesh munching. Don't get me wrong there are some good, traditional zombies but there are alos too many prsonality zombies for my liking.

Zombie Threat: *

Apart from the local Mayor possibly having to pay Rupert and his assistant some overtime for the large number of burials, the threat is limited until Rupert begins to sway under the pressure and heads into town.... and even then the threat is not from the undead !!!

Gore Content: ***

Nothing too stomach churning but a few good moments that will make you wince or jump and plenty of claret does keep the gore at an acceptable level.

Overall Quality: ****

Due to its lack of imitators this obvisouly was not the first in a long line of 'thinking mans' zombie films, but it could easily have been. Very strange, the ending leaves you with a strange taste in your mouth you wil either love or hate.... The Marmite of Zombie flms endings, but still definitely worth a watch if you can get hold a copy.

Special Award:

Lead Character in a Zombie Film, who despatches the Living Dead for the Minimum Wage: Rupert Everett