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Zombie Film Review:

Zombie Honeymoon

Year: 2004

Director: David Gebrose

Tagline: Till Death do us Part.

Review: This film is based around the interesting premise of the emotional rollercoaster of a slowly infected groom and the relationships ups and downs when him and his bride realise that he is going to become a zombie. It's interesting a quite well done, but it's not horror and it's not comedy… The film just doesn't have a firm direction and then stick to it… Leaving the film and the viewer a bit unsatisfied at the end.

Zombie Quality: *

Despite the title, there are only 2 zombies in the whole film and they are not that good!

Zombie Behaviour: **

Flesh eating controlled by love and domestic arguments, the behaviour does improve slightly as he descends into zombie-ness, with some more flesh eating !

Zombie Threat: Nil

The zombie eats some flesh, then throws up and the victims die, rather than get up and start munching themselves. Seems that the only way that the infection can be spread is if a zombie throws up in your mouth and you swallow zombie vomit… So not likely to threaten the world much!

Gore Content: **

Lots of claret and the gore content is left to the imagination for the majority of the film, until the arm eating, the neck eating, the brain eating, the chest eating, the face eating, etc, etc, etc.

Overall Quality: *

Sorry but this gets a one star… It is not a scary film, it is not a funny film, it's not an emotional film and simply I don't know what kind of film it's mean to be. Left me with the same kind of feeling as watching a sit com that should be funny, but just isn't.