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Zombie Film Review:

Idle Hands

Director: Rodman Flender

Year: 1999

Tagline: The Touching Story of a Boy and his Right Hand

Review: This teen possession film does have a couple of the living dead in it, but they are sentient wasters who would rather be stoned than to head in to the light. That's the whole reason they exist… No flesh eating… No shoot them in the head… Nothing traditional at all… It's a vessel for a pile of talented young actors, quite a few of which you'll recognise… These include Seth Green (Buffy, Austin Powers) and Jessica Alba (Dark Angel, Sin City).

Zombie Quality: ****

The zombies are excellent make up jobs, but the actions of the zombies leave a lot to be desired, thus detracting from the overall zombie feeling of the movie.

Zombie Behaviour: Nil

They are fully intelligent, sarcastic, eat cheesy balls, smoke pot and try to get off with girls… Making them probably the least traditional zombies I have ever seen in a film… They are not trying to compete with the zombies from ‘NOTLD' but they are so far removed it has to be a nil.

Zombie Threat: Nil

They are helping their buddy sort himself out and trying to get laid, so realistically the only threat they pose to anyone, is to themselves… So no motivation means absolutely no threat…

Gore Content: ***

Good gore with knitting needles, bloody pumpkin folk and a ceiling fan lynching that certainly doesn't scrimp on the claret… So overall a good effort, simply as the director could have ‘bottled it' and gone for a 12 or 15 rating to get a slightly bigger audience share.

Overall Quality: *

Only a one, as this is a zombie site and as far as zombies go, in its own right this is not a bad film and an entertaining enough Saturday afternoon flick, but it is a comedy, it is slightly teen angst orientated and the zombies are not what we have come to love and know!