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Zombie Film Review:

The Laughing Dead

Director: S.P. Somtow

Year: 1989

Tagline: Thousands of years ago, the Aztec God of Death fed upon human sacrifice. Now he's back… and he's worked up a BIG appetite.

Review: This is a low budget effort, perhaps not as low as ‘Zombie Chronicles' but still pretty low. The zombies are pretty few and far between and the ancient Mayan Basketball playing zombies are probably the lowest form, of my favourite undead, that I have ever had the misfortune to watch.

Zombie Quality: **

Varies throughout, there is a not a uniform style for the undead, some are passable considering the budget, others are plain shit!

Zombie Behaviour: *

Some of the zombies in the Laughing Dead, do act as you would expect… But some play ancient ‘Basketball…'…did I mention this before… this bit sucks…

Zombie Threat: Nil

It's the same kind of classic ending as ‘Nightmare City…' There is a body count, but it's a cop out. The kind of ending that's used, where people cannot think of a classic. Fulci could… This director couldn't…

Gore Content: ***

Some good limb ripping and surprisingly good hand down the throat effects, but quickly followed by a decapitation that is just so bad it has to be seen to be believed.

Overall: *

This film does have zombies in it, some really bad and not for long, but there are a few. If you decide that you should own every zombie film ever made, then buy this. Otherwise I cannot really recommend this film… The crazy Dr. Death character behind everything is entertaining enough, but if good, solid zombie films are your cup of tea, then go out and spend your money on beer!