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Zombie Film Review:

Planet Terror

Director: Robert Rodriguez

Year: 2007

Tagline: Humanities Last Hope... Rests on a High Power Machine Gun...

Review: Michael Biehn, Bruce Willis, Naveen Andrews, Jeff Fahey, Freddy Rodriguez, Rose McGowan, Josh Brolin, Tom Savini, Quentin Tarantino any of these namess would be more than enough to carry a low budget horror but this bad boy has them all... It really is a celebrity horror get together and to be a slice of the genre we love is something 'most excellent'... Yes I know that they are technically diseased humans (or are they...) but this is a film squarely sitting within the zombie genre in the way that '28 Days Later' is normally mentioned in any conversation about zombie films about its inclusion or exclusion from the rest of the discussion.

Zombie Quality: ***

Big headed, throbbing, pustule covered, infected sons of bitches... The look of these zombies is hideous and original, wet and disturbing and the constantly bursting spots, and sparying ichor does make some of these painful to look at. In summary, they are not your traditional flesh eaters but full marks for originality.

Zombie Behaviour: ***

Hungry for human flesh and very bloody infectious, one cloud of gas and suddenly everyone seems to be eating each other, diseased or killing someone... Some of the infected talk and shoot, but the zombies main aim aim seems to be to devour, disease and destroy everything.... The high pressure, bursting spots do make for an efficient, if very revolting, delivery system.

Zombie Threat: *****

The whole of the human race is going to be infected unless Abby (Naveen Andrews) can sort something out.... U-N-L-U-C-K-Y... Might well be bed time for bonzo and everyone else for that matter... The future does not look good for us...

Gore Content: *****

Tom Savini's finger and sticky ending are worth at least three stars by themselves, even if this film had no more gore in at all, but add to the mix the ball cutting, the eviserations, the beating, stabbings, blood sprays and huge amount of blood splatter , then this film must be a five out of five for gore, ichor and a whole host of other bodily fluids that spray in every direction whenever anyone gets their gun off.

Overall Quality: ****

This film is awesome, the grainy throwback feel to it does (surprisingly) give it a feel of an earlier, more brutal and much rawer time for horror films, each gunshot must throw around at least a couple of pints of claret across the screen, giving it a Sam Peckinpah feel to the whole affair... This film is definitely worth watching with its modern day setting but 60's horror feel...