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Zombie Film Review:

Shaun of the Dead

Director: Edgar Wright

Year: 2004

Tagline: A Romantic Comedy with Zombies

Review: What can be said about this film, that has not been said already...
This is possibly the pinnacle of Zombie Film entertainment, this side of the millenium, this film was partially made as a homage to Big George Romero, but where he chose to create a bit if a mess with 'Land of the Dead,' this film is centred around funny, ikeable characters that it is easy to become attached to. I am not sure if this review is biased due to the fact that its a British Film, set in Britain featuring a good British cast, but this is what people should look to for inspiration. The focus is on the humour side perhaps rather than the horror side, but the film managed to attract great attention to the genre, have a good box office return and become a firm favourite amongst fans of horror and normal cinema goers. Perhaps if the zombie film industry is going to learn anything from this and the poor box office returns of 'Land of the Dead' then perhaps it something along the lines of, if a zombie films features characters like the the ones in SOTD that people can associate with, then it's probably more accessible... Anyway enough of the gibbering, this film is essentially a zombie film, with a romantic plotline filled with humour and horror, both in good measure, it is one of the best zombie films of all time and MUST be seen by all. If you haven't seen it then go out NOW, yes, leave your computer on, buy a copy and watch it! Where have you been?

Zombie Quality: ****

The zombies are all fresh, so there's not the usual clash between rotting ancient zombies and their freshly bitten victims, the make up is not over the top, just pale individuals with some seriously gross wounds, thought has gone into the zombies, their victims and people slowly becoming infected, very good make up throughout. Check out the quality of the hulking zombie in Shauns back garden if you doubt me.

Zombie Behaviour: *****

They try and bite people, they feed off the living and the dead and a blow to the head kills them, they do not ride around on bikes and they do not talk, all in all what you would expect from the living dead, without any dubious exceptions.

Zombie Threat: ***

Possibly England only, threat dwindles towards the end as tonnes of soldiers turn up to waste zombie ass and from the epilogue it does seem that things are back to 'normal' but there's no real mention of exactly how serious it all is, although t looks pretty bad in the areas around Shauns House...

Gore Content: ****

No excess of gore, but some well placed, cringe worthy sections... The garden umbrella stand, the head shot in the pub and my personal favourite the arm bite on Ed, it really goes through me, but I feel the gore may feel a little diluted due to the comedic nature of other parts of the film.

Overall: *****

Excellent script, acting, effects and casting... Along with George Romeros Dead Trilogy, this really is a must have disc for any fan of Zombie, Horror, Comedy or British Cinema, this is film will be hard to copy, although from the number of tongue in cheek zombie flicks being produced with 'Our answer to Shaun of the Dead' somewhere on the DVD cover, even the professional film makers deem this a film to be emulated...

Fact: This film was inspired by the series one 'Spaced' Episode involving illegal narcotics and playing too much Resident Evil, check this out too... Most excellent...