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Zombie Film Review:

Tombs of the Blind Dead

Director: Amando De Ossorio

Year: 1971

Tagline: Don't move... Don't breathe... Don't let them hear your heart beating...

Aka: The Blind Dead or Tombs of the Blind Zombies

Review: Plastic skeletal hands, art-house lesbian erotica, Hammer style Templar Knight flash-backs and possibly the most protracted 1 person death scene in zombie history means this film should be awful, but from the moment that I noticed that the main actors name was 'Cesar Burner' something began to pique my interest. Ignoring the Spanish and Portuguese sets and locations this film is just a little bit better than most of the Euro Zombie explosion of this time and little bits like the frog torturing mortuary attendant and the mannequin filled workshop illuminated by red flashing lights, mke this a better zombie film than it should be!

Zombie Quality: **

Poor make up, used very well to create some unique looking zombies, but unfortunately the plastic hands could have been made better in kindergarten and give some of the undead a puppet feel, meaning two stars is all they are going to get.

Zombie Behaviour: **

Not really classic zombie behaviour either, riding their sheet covered horses, nibbling people to death and drinking their blood, one of their victims does return from the dead, whilst another is not mentioned, which with the evidence in front of me makes me think that to be animated by the undead Templars, you need to be an attrcative young lady, otherwise you're screwed.

Zombie Threat: **

You can stay alivein this film by avoiding the horribly haunted and cursed medieval village and church. so don't go looking for trouble and you wont be eaten by sonar using zombie knights...

Gore Content: ***

Breasts being hacked up for brother knights to drink blood from them, plenty of claret and a very nice arm hack make this quite a gory film... Not as gory as some, but a decent amount of blood being splashed about the place...

Overall Quality: ***

Not your usual zombie fare, the director has taken time and effort on some nice touches throughout and the train scene at the end and the fade out makes for a very nice Zombie Flesh Eaters style final shot...