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Zombie Film Review:


Director: Michael and Peter Spierig

Year: 2004

Tagline: Prepare Yourself.

Review: Quirky, Australian zombie film, mixing a good solid zombie type plot with an amazingly original climax, that will leave you quite stunned about just how they managed to make a coherent zombie film containing such an ending. This film should cater to everyone's zombie needs, good hardcore action with strong characters and a good plot… in the words of Mr Burns…. Excellent…

Zombie Quality: ****

Good make up, exceptionally well-blended CGI, good transformations and a couple of scenes involving a spine that really did leave me almost speechless. It's the kind of make up you would expect from a zombie film, but all of it is good, not a week zombie in sight.

Zombie Behaviour: ***

Good slow speed, nothing rubbish like bike riding zombies, and an almost ‘Night of the Living Dead' feel to the scenes within ‘Marion's House.' Not quite enough flesh eating and the undead do like to stand up quickly, in a 1970s Hammer film style in a couple of scenes… Nothing too wrong, but a few slips that did stand out.

Zombie Threat: ***

The infection is spread in quite a unique way, but as that is a major part of the film, I won't spoil it, the infection's contained in a similarly unique way. To try and work out the threat of the zombies in this film is a bit like pissing into the wind… There has to be an answer but it's just difficult to get your hands on… The ending leaving you with as many questions as the beginning.

Gore Content: ****

Undead contains some quality set pieces, obviously created by someone with a great understanding of the genre, perhaps not quite as stomach turning as ‘Zombie Flesh Eaters' eye scene, but just keep ‘em peeled for the shovel, the crook lock, the propeller and of course… the wind screen wipers.

Overall Quality: ****

This wasn't made on the highest budget in the world, but this still an above average romp into the world of the living dead… More one for Zombie fans than fans of Shakespeare, but this is a high quality movie that should be enjoyed by all hardcore Zombie-philes.