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Zombie Film Review:

Zombie Chronicles

Director: Brad Sykes

Year: 2001

Tagline: Being Dead Rots

Review: Very low budget Zombie Film, but still entertaining enough. There is a good use of what is obviously limited cast, crew and sets. During the short stories being told here, it does become hard to concentrate given the dodgy accent of the mysterious Ebeneezer Jackson. Zombie film directors should take heart that if this film can be released onto DVD around the world, anything can.

Zombie Quality: **

Obviously very low budget zombies, but good use of limited resources and make up, each zombie is recognisable and essentially different from its counterparts.

Zombie Behaviour: ***

Flesh eating, teen devouring mindless zombies with a thirst for vengeance. They do not reanimate those they eat, but it is forgiveable as they only eat really annoying people...

Zombie Threat: **

Half a dozen deaths or so, and these are really annoying murderers, trespassers and people who knowingly piss on graves AND who happen to be trespassing in the wrong part of some small woods, so not a threat to human civilisation just yet.

Gore Content: ***

Ear ripping, brain devouring and people having their eyes ripped out, so pretty good considering the budget, but there is a really low quality decapitation that falls into the category of shocking.

Overall Quality: **

Really only one for collectors, but anyone thinking of making a low budget zombie film should perhaps take heart and make it better than this...

Special Award:

Character Most Obviously Going to Get It: To the Jock who decides to piss all over the grave of a Wild West Mass-Murderer whilst lost in the haunted woods.