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Zombie Film Review:


Year: 2010

Director: Rhys Davies

Tagline: Run... Hide... Die...

Review: I feel a little guilty about this review for the fact this is the first big horror film ever made in my home town of Leicester in the United kingdom and also as I know a lot of the cast and crew… BUT I have done this kind of thing before and my middle name is impartial, so I watch the movie I have been waiting for 3 years to see… Knowing that it will be filled with local landmarks and talent and praying that it lives up to my hopes… and it does…

Zombie Quality: ***

The zombies are zombies. There are not really any subtle shading jobs here, that you have to focus on to work out if they are the undead or simply hung-over. The zombies are bloody, dripping messes in 3D, not just a bit of Snaz here!

Zombie Behaviour: ****

They shamble, they amble and they feed. They infect and don't run, it's this kind of slow, inexorable, creeping doom that we know from Romero and we love… No running, no taking, no driving of cars… This is how they should be…

Zombie Threat: ****

An undead world essentially… and a British one at that… The films atmosphere is reinforced by the bleakness of the settings, the lack of true hero quality of the characters and the nature of the film. It is a low key affair that probably represent better than most genre movies the fact that a bunch of survivors is unlikely to consist of a special forces soldier, an ex-cop and a beautiful cheerleader that's actually a ninja…

Gore Content: ***

There is enough here to make this unsettling, nothing really pant wettingly bad, but the gore on the zombies AND the gore spread around the place makes for an excellent oppressive atmosphere thanks to the gore-smiths on the movie.

Overall Quality: ***

The characters are plausible, the setting is grim and dark and everyone is expendable… There is an essential Britishness about this film that oozes through it and the direction and camera work puts it above it counterparts in this genre, making this film stand a severed head and shoulders above similar films with similar (no to low) budgets. This movie makes zombies terrifying again, it is truly destined to become a cult classic.

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